With the likes of “300” and “ Clash of the Titans” still a blockbuster memory, the newest Greek epic to grace the big screen is “Immortals.”

Loosely based on the myth of Theseus, it follows him as he confronts the evil King Hyperion in his goal for world domination. Theseus is the hero of the myth concerning the Minotaur in King Minos’ maze. This event plays an extremely minor part in the movie.

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Tower Heist

Ever heard of Bernie Madoff? The scandal bearing his name served as a source of inspiration for the film “Tower Heist.”

An all star cast is set to pull of one of the greatest heists in history.

Its release is also poised to tie in with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the accusations of corruption and greed being so prominent on Wall Street.

Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick lead the cast, with Eddie Murphy also returning to a more mature film audience.

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