Men in Black 3

The Men in Black are back. Josh Brolin portrays a younger Agent K and Will Smith is just as funny as ever as Agent J.

The Men in Black have been away for 10 years and since Agent K(Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J(Will Smith, back after a 4 year hiatus from the screen) teamed up nearly 14 years ago, the have grown no closer in a world grown vastly more connected. This time, the story introduces us to a new mode of travel in the MiB universe; time travel, which has been banned throughout the universe because of its always dire consequences. Continue reading “Men in Black 3”


Having seen all three of the “Transformers” movies and enjoyed them as the summer movies they were (meaning little plot, lots of explosions), seeing the trailers for “Battleship” made me a little skeptical. They had the same sound effects and big metal aliens reminiscent of the other Hasbro film products, minus the loveable Bumblebee and Josh Duhamel.

Taylor Kitsch, coming off the box office bomb that was “John Carter,” sought redemption with the action oriented summer flick. Had it not opened against the might that is “The Avengers,” he might have succeeded. The movie had great reception overseas, already having $200 million in revenue before even hitting the States. But it was not to be, and “Battleship” opened to a lackluster $20 million weekend. Continue reading “Battleship”

Marvel’s The Avengers

Already past the $1 billion mark, The Avengers is a must see movie for all ages.

A movie that has been five years in the works, after a series of build-up movies with some of the greatest superheroes of our time, is bound to be good, even great; but those words do not aptly describe “Marvel’s The Avengers.” Perhaps awesome would be appropriate, even masterpiece, as director and screenwriter Josh Whedon has managed to do one of the best jobs imaginable with a movie filled with conflicting egos and some would say, too many characters.the movie has already surpassed the $1 billion mark, joining the elite club with the likes of “Harry Potter” and “Avatar.” The monday following the opening reported the domestic box office for the movie was a massive $207 million, making it the number one opening weekend in history, easily beating out “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” box office of $169 million. Continue reading “Marvel’s The Avengers”