Lawless was released a few weeks ago to rave reviews. It has a fairly good rating on RottenTomatoes. And it was good. In critical opinion. But not in personal opinion.LAWLESS Poster

The movie moves fairly quickly over a long period of time, with little continuity problems. The shocking scenes have effects throughout the film, although when one of the characters gets his throat cut up close in the camera, it can be a little stomach turning for some. Gary Oldman is only seen in a few scenes throughout the film, sadly.
Shia Lebouf and Tom Hardy make their appearance in this 1930’s time piece set during the Prohibition. Coming off “The Dark Knight” rises, Hardy is a grunting moonshine maker who doesn’t quite understand women, especially the one(Jessica Chastain) who comes to work for him in the bar his family owns. Shia serves as the main bars tee, driving the film along with his ambitions. He looks for love in the local preachers daughter, played by Mia Wasikowski, despite her fathers disapproval. The enforcer for the dry county laws is appropriately greasy, in reflection of his character. His loud, sneaky personality sets the town on edge, until the final showdown between the brothers and the law. The film wraps with a look at the invincible brother who falls to the laws of nature in the end, and not the actions of men.

Personally, I didn’t like this movie. Blood was spilt in large amounts too easily and gratuitous violence seemed a given. I’m not a fan of time piece films, especially post 1900 American films, with the horrible almost guaranteed banjo music. *shudder*

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