Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania opened on Sept. 28 just in time to kick off October for the kids.

The movie follows Count Dracula (Adam Sandler with an over-the-top Transylvanian accent) as he plans his daughter Mavis’s (Selena Gomez) 118th birthday within the Hotel Transylvania, which was built as a haven for monsters from the hordes of torch-carrying humans.

As the party starts to pick up steam the whole gamut of classic movie monsters make an appearance, with the Mummy (Cee Lo Green), Frankenstein (Kevin James) and his bride (Fran Drescher), Werewolf (Steve Buscemi), his wife (Molly Shannon) and his litter of pups and the Invisible Man (David Spade) serving as Dracula and Mavis’s extended family.

When everyone arrives and the party is about to get started, the worst thing possible happens to Dracula: a human, Johnny (Andy Samberg), makes his way to the hidden castle and could potentially ruin Dracula’s plans for his daughter’s future.

Unable to get Johnny the human out of the hotel, he dresses him up and masquerades him as a fellow monster. As Dracula races around in an attempt to both keep Johnny’s identity a secret and keep his daughter’s birthday on track, a romance blossoms between the stifled daughter and the witless world traveler.

The film is quick and easy to follow for the young ones. It’s not a fright fest and there are laughs to be had at the stereotypical monster jokes and a farting Frankenstein.

Each character is encased in their stereotype for the film. Frankenstein’s fear of fire leaves him unable to fly, so he has himself and his wife express mailed to the hotel, and the Mummy arrives in a flurry of sand, making the witchy housekeepers job a bigger mess.

“Hotel Transylvania” is at its heart a father-daughter story great for the whole family, and is heartwarming at the end when Dracula makes the decision to let Mavis see the world with her human.

The film was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who was the man behind “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Samurai Jack” for Cartoon Network.

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