Cloud Atlas

Remember when the prediction was Oscar season would bring smarter movies? Perhaps Hollywood has outdone itself this time.

“Cloud Atlas” is the most recent ground-breaking film from an industry that hasn’t done a lot of ground-breaking lately. Perhaps it is the deep though required to understand the meaning of the film, or perhaps in the deep concentration required to even follow it that makes it as ambitious as it is.
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The new political thriller “Argo” will be released on Oct.12 following much buzz from critics.

The film follows the “Canadian Caper,” the CIA mission, in conjunction with Canadian officials, to extract six Americans from Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1980. The six had escaped from the American embassy after it was taken over by protesters of American support for the royal Shah of Iran, who had been deposed by revolutionaries a year earlier. The people remaining in the embassy were held there for 444 days.

The movie begins with the escape of the Americans into hiding at the Canadian ambassador, Ken Taylor’s(Victor Garber), home. Plans began to take shape at the state department of an exfiltration, after Canadian officials gave an end date for refuge.

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Seven Psychopaths

Coming out on Oct. 12 is the black comedy film “Seven Psychopaths,” from the Academy Award winning director of “In Bruges,” Martin McDonagh.

The film stars Colin Farrell, as Marty, a screenwriter in deep need of inspiration who is writing a movie called “Seven Psychopaths.” All he needs now is his psychopaths.

Enter Marty’s friend Billy and Hans, a pair of dog kidnappers. They snatch the dogs and return them to their owners for the reward. On a dognapping expedition they grab the dog of a local gangster, Charlie, played by Woody Harrelson.

Madness ensues as Marty is pulled into the troubles of Billy and Hans and finds more inspiration for his psychopaths than he garnered.

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“Looper” raced into the box office for the Sept.28 weekend among high expectations, bringing a new take on the sci fi, tie travel genre.

The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe, whose job is to kill those sent back from the future. In 2044, time travel has not been invented, but it has been 30 years in the future. It has also become impossible to hide a body in the future, so a business venture is set up for hired killers, or loopers, in 2044 to kill victims sent back from the future. The one catch is that when their contract is up, they must close the loop by killing their future self, and is then is released for 30 years.

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