Seven Psychopaths

Coming out on Oct. 12 is the black comedy film “Seven Psychopaths,” from the Academy Award winning director of “In Bruges,” Martin McDonagh.

The film stars Colin Farrell, as Marty, a screenwriter in deep need of inspiration who is writing a movie called “Seven Psychopaths.” All he needs now is his psychopaths.

Enter Marty’s friend Billy and Hans, a pair of dog kidnappers. They snatch the dogs and return them to their owners for the reward. On a dognapping expedition they grab the dog of a local gangster, Charlie, played by Woody Harrelson.

Madness ensues as Marty is pulled into the troubles of Billy and Hans and finds more inspiration for his psychopaths than he garnered.

Interspersed throughout the movie are side stories as the trio starts to come up with characters in the film. Tom Waits makes an appearance to inspire a psychopath who is particularly fond of bunnies.

The final showdown between the group and the gangster occurs in the desert, setting up the scene for Marty’s movie. The audience sees pieces acted out for the film script as the trio wait for Charlie.

The movie is just as funny as trailers have promised. What the trailers did not promise, was the amount of blood in the movie. For viewers of a sensitive stomach, there are a few moments that invoke sheer squeamishness. A woman sawing into a man’s neck, throat slitting and exploding heads are the least of it as one can only imagine the amount of money spent on fake blood.

The film invokes memories of Quentin Tarantino movies in their sudden violence and humor mixed within.

“Seven Psychopaths” won the Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness award and could potentially see some awards love come nomination time. The movie moves quickly and is smartly written, and the actors all do a great job, especially Christopher Walken as the dead-pan Hans.

which is what we can expect from the fall movies as we move ever closer to the Academy Awards.

And just a side note for the ladies: Colin Farrell does the whole movie in his Irish accent.

One response to “Seven Psychopaths”

  1. Everybody here seems to be having a ball with this script and how could you not? It’s snappy, dark, hilarious, and altogether, unpredictable as to where the hell it’s going to go next. That’s what I always like to see in my crime movies, actually, just movies in general. Good review.


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