Breaking Dawn Part 2

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” is the end of another book to film era. Only a year after the “Harry Potter” books left theatres, Bella and Edward faced their final challenge and depart from the big screen.20120613-172149.jpg

The new film picks up exactly where the last left off. Writers spend no time summarizing the previous film, so brushing up on Part One would be a good idea for those who haven’t seen it.

As Bella Swan adjusts to her new vampiric life, and meets her daughter Renesmee, the threat of the Volturi looms after the Cullen’s garner their less than friendly attention. The Cullen’s begin to gather friends as witnesses against the accusations based on Renesmee’s existence.

The wolves and vampires stand together against the rulers of the vampire world, and the ending has changed, as foreshadowed by months of teasers by the studio. The end may surprise some, but those who paid close attention to the book may realize it was there all along.

Part Two did have its down points, such as some of the effects in the film.

One example is the studios attempt to “Benjamin Button” Renesmee. Mackenzie Foy had her face aged digitally backwards and placed on the faceless dolls used in filming. The result is less than stellar, and can be downright creepy. The rest of the bad effects can perhaps be written up as bad green screen work, from how it appears.

While the acting has improved considerably for the main trio, the best actor of the film is Michael Sheen as the bemused Aro. Sheen portrays Aro as crazed, having grown bored in his long life, and who reacts with childish enthusiasm at everything new.

The film is a bit more graphic in violence than previous films, and beheadings are plainly shown, as the frozen vampire heads come off cleanly.

The film is a shocking and exciting end to the saga. Fans are sure to be delighted, even with the changes made in the adaptation.  It is rated PG-13 for violence, sensuality and partial nudity.

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