White House Down

In March audiences were treated to the destruction of the Capitol in “Olympus Has Fallen,” a “Die Hard” knock-off featuring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. Three months later, we have another, this time starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx as the agent and the president, respectively.

WHD follows John Cale, a Capitol security officer who is trying to get a job on the President’s Secret Service. After his interview, he takes his daughter, a political aficionado  on a tour of the White House, when terrorists strike. After blowing the Rotunda of the Capitol and successfully diverting attention from the White House, a team of men made up of a hacker(who will remind audiences a great deal of arms dealer Justin Hammer from “Iron Man 2” in his behavior), a group of white supremacists, a disavowed wet-works expert and a father seeking vengeance for his sons lost life in the Middle East conflicts.1183878 - WHITE HOUSE DOWN

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World War Z

The movie with the worst reported production in the history of film, “World War Z,” hit theatres June 21, against the anticipated sequel “Monsters University.” The Brad Pitt film, plagued by rewrites and reshoots that went over-budget to the tune of $200 million, and over-schedule after reshooting the entire finale of the movie, was a surprise hit despite all the news surrounding it. Based on the Max Brooks book of the same name, Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, an ex-investigator for the United Nations. When humans begin behaving like rabid animals (the movie even opens with what appeared to be … Continue reading World War Z