About Time

Embracing the sci-fi epidemic is the romance genre, it seems. “About Time” may seem a bit redundant, in the way of ‘Time Travelers Wife,” but it brings a bit more to the table.

“About Time” follows Tim Lake (Domhall Gleeson) in his quest for love. Upon his 21st birthday, he discovers that the males in his family can travel in time, always backwards, but never past their present moment, and dedicates this newfound power to his search for love.


He encounters Mary (Rachel McAdams), and through time travel trial and error, manages to fall in love and start a family. It is after this the time travel rules set in place by his father (Bill Nighy) go out the window.

While traveling in time, Tim discovers the power of the butterfly effect and has to make decisions that affect his life, and those around him, as to how he will ultimately continue with his time jumping.

The movie is a cute effort by all involved. It only requires a slight suspension of belief, and the chemistry of the actors lends the film credibility.

However, the largest issue is the refusal to fully flesh out the characters or to hold them to the time traveling rules set in place during the first part of the movie. Come the third act, those rules have dissipated and the audience is left with the assumption that Tim can travel through time without consequence, until a drastic change upends everything.

“About Time” gets a B from me. The actors are what saves the movie from the plot hole abyss, and leaves the film an enjoyable time at the cinema. It is rated R for language and some sexual content.

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