Legend of Hercules

The first of two films involving the mythical hero Hercules opened 2014, and is better known as the one not based on a graphic novel starring The Rock.


Kellan Lutz takes the title role in the new origin story for the hero, which utilizes name from the traditional myths and gives them new roles. Hercules was the product of a single liaison between the god Zeus and Queen Alcmene, and was destined to bring an end to the wars raging on throughout the Greek world, at the blessing of Hera. His adoptive father, King Amphitryon is a warmonger who raised both Hercules and his brother, Iphicles. When Hercules embarrasses Iphicles and his father, he is sent to his death, but manages to survive to become a thorn in their side.

Here we have none of the 12 Trials of Hercules and Hera is typically depicted as jealous and vengeful, especially against children of Zeus. The only marked similarities between the myths and this film are the names that have been borrowed, but that has been much the case with Greek mythos films, sadly.

Stylized much in the way of “300,” it has the look, the slow-motion sequences, but none of the red spatters of blood. The 3D is non-existent.  To top it all off, the script was deplorably bad. Cheesy lines, over-dramatization of every line and then the general bad acting, as much due to the script as the efforts of the cast, essentially killed this movie from the start. Kellan Lutz gives all he’s got, but when there isn’t any chemistry between him and the lead actress, even a remarkable performance seems dim in light of the whole.

“The Legend of Hercules” is rated PG-13 for language and some sensuality. Maybe a rental view, or a trip to the dollar movie, is about all this film deserves, landing it a resounding F to start off 2014.

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