Review: Black Widow

Twenty-four films and 13 years, plus a pandemic, later, Marvel Studios has finally placed the lone female original Avenger at the front of her own cinematic property. Overdue and worthy of inclusion as a standalone film with other espionage favorites … Continue reading Review: Black Widow

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

This review, rather than being posted after the promo show, is being posted after my second screening of the film. This is due to the fact that I had knowledge that there were certain scenes filmed in the IMAX format, and the promo show was only in 3D. Moving on. “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War”┬áis an adaptation of the comic storyline of the same name. There are some obvious changes to the story to adapt to the MCU’s story direction, but we get to the same point. There is a traumatic event involving the Avengers, specifically Scarlet Witch, that leads … Continue reading Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War