All The Money In The World

Amidst the furor of the sexual harassment scandal shaking Hollywood, the latest Ridley Scott feature has hit theatres as a prime example of how this turn in culture has shaken the status quo. Now starring Christopher Plummer as billionaire and … Continue reading All The Money In The World

Gods of Egypt

Remember a few years ago when they remade ” Clash of the Titans” and tried to bring back the “swords and sandals” epic to the big screen? That film managed a sequel, but I somehow think “Gods of Egypt,” the Egyptian twist of the genre, is one film that deserves to be drowned in the Nile. If one knows anything about Egyptian mythology it is this: Osiris is the brother of Set and the father of Horus. Set murders Osiris and challenges Horus to a battle to determine who will rule the living. That is generally the set up that … Continue reading Gods of Egypt


The new political thriller “Argo” will be released on Oct.12 following much buzz from critics.

The film follows the “Canadian Caper,” the CIA mission, in conjunction with Canadian officials, to extract six Americans from Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1980. The six had escaped from the American embassy after it was taken over by protesters of American support for the royal Shah of Iran, who had been deposed by revolutionaries a year earlier. The people remaining in the embassy were held there for 444 days.

The movie begins with the escape of the Americans into hiding at the Canadian ambassador, Ken Taylor’s(Victor Garber), home. Plans began to take shape at the state department of an exfiltration, after Canadian officials gave an end date for refuge.

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