22 Jump Street

The art of sequels is no stranger to the box office. It can be hit or miss, with some grandly continuing on a story and others simply standing in the shadow of the original. Now there is “22 Jump Street,” which has decided to take the idea of the sequel and make a movie about it.

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21 Jump Street

Perhaps you have heard of a little known actor named Johnny Depp. The TV show that started his blockbuster career has now been adapted into a movie. “21 Jump Street,” based on the TV show of the same name, follows police officers as they conduct stings within the public school system.

Jenko and Schmidt find themselves right back where it all began: high school.

The 2012 movie follows Jenko and Schmidt, two officers who just can’t seem to get it together. After an arrest gone wrong, they are sent to Jump Street to take part in a resurrected program that busts drug rings in high schools. Continue reading “21 Jump Street”