Jessica Chastain produces and stars in new, original spy flick “The 355”

Jessica Chastain continues to work to establish herself as the go-to action woman in Hollywood with her growing roster of badass characters. Her latest brings together a fantastic roster of women to save the world in a completely new, original … Continue reading Jessica Chastain produces and stars in new, original spy flick “The 355”

The Jungle Book

I’ll be honest. I don’t fully remember watching the Disney animated “The Jungle Book” as a kid. Sure, I’m sure that I watched it a few times as most of us do, but beyond the “Bare Necessities” I really don’t recall much about it. So going into Jon Favreau’s 2016 live-action remake of the tale, I had a fairly clean slate. Immediately, you are confronted with the unmistakable reality that the CGI animals in this movie are AMAZING. We first see the wolf cubs and Bagheera(Sir Ben Kingsley) as they train with Mowgli(Neel Sethi) in the ways of the jungle. … Continue reading The Jungle Book

12 Years A Slave

A movie leading the charge into Oscar season is Steve McQueen’s adaptation of “12 Years A Slave.” After earning rave reviews on the festival circuit, the film is about to open wide, and this is this season’s must-see.

Based on the book of the same name, written by Solomon Northrup in 1853, it follows Northrup (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black family man in New York, as he is kidnapped and sold into slavery in pre-Civil War America. As Northrup is given a new identity and changes hands amongst the slaveholders in Louisiana, he faces the hardships of a time normally white-washed for the general audiences.

12yearsSlaveMcqueenFLUSfullsv2 Continue reading “12 Years A Slave”