The Boss

Have you ever been to a movie that you enjoyed but forgot the moment you left about the entirety of the movie? It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those mindnumbingly but enjoyably films, what with having just wrapped both awards season and the proverbial movie graveyard of the spring. But what it means by is return is: welcome to summer movie season! In “The Boss,” Melissa McCarthy portrays Michelle Denning, a televangelist-esque, Martha Stewart-esque business woman, who learned from an early age the only person watching out for you is you. Kristen Bell plays her assistant, Claire, … Continue reading The Boss

Ride Along

With the entry into a new year, there is a slight shift in the quality of box office contenders. Actually, a big shift. January is called the “graveyard of movies” for a good reason. It is the time between the award contenders pushing for a nomination and the point at which those movies are rewarded. “Ride Along” is one of the first to enter the box office, and hope for a winning weekend.

Ride Along Continue reading “Ride Along”