Ender’s Game

Next up on the billboards is “Ender’s Game.” Based on the book by Orson Scott Card in 1985, the film centers around Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, a third child born into a two-child restricted society, whose military aptitudes may lead him to be the man to save Earth from the Formics, an invading race of aliens.


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About Time

Embracing the sci-fi epidemic is the romance genre, it seems. “About Time” may seem a bit redundant, in the way of ‘Time Travelers Wife,” but it brings a bit more to the table.

“About Time” follows Tim Lake (Domhall Gleeson) in his quest for love. Upon his 21st birthday, he discovers that the males in his family can travel in time, always backwards, but never past their present moment, and dedicates this newfound power to his search for love.

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John Carter

Based on the century old “Barsoom” series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, “John Carter” is Disney’s first entry into the 2012 blockbuster season. The book series inspired the Star Wars films and James Cameron’s “Avatar,” and many others in the science fiction genre.

John Carter’s film debut finds him a late entry in the sci fi genre he inspired.

The movie follows Capt. John Carter, who has been mining for gold in the Arizona mountains. After he is transported to Barsoom, which is the alien race’s name for Mars, he becomes embroiled in a centuries old war between the races of that planet. Continue reading “John Carter”