After the long wait for the newest installment in the Robert Langdon series, “Inferno” has finally arrived! Unfortunately for fans, this newest installment comes up short, especially in the plot department. Starting off with Robert Langdon suffering from a head … Continue reading Inferno

Captain Phillips

With “Argo” taking away the Best Picture win at the 2013 Academy Awards, it only proved that Hollywood can, and will, churn out the real-life dramas that can only be real in their inexplicable insanity.

This year’s real-life drama is “Captain Phillips,” based on the 2009 cargo ship hijacking of the Maersk Alabama and the kidnapping of Captain Richard Phillips by the crew of Somalian pirates.

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Cloud Atlas

Remember when the prediction was Oscar season would bring smarter movies? Perhaps Hollywood has outdone itself this time.

“Cloud Atlas” is the most recent ground-breaking film from an industry that hasn’t done a lot of ground-breaking lately. Perhaps it is the deep though required to understand the meaning of the film, or perhaps in the deep concentration required to even follow it that makes it as ambitious as it is.
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